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1X Enzo's Treat = 5mg Hempzilla Full Spectrum CBD Description Our superior quality VET CBD treats are specially formulated and contain a proprietary blend of American grown, phytocannabinoid rich hemp CBD oil with no detectable traces of THC. Our high-quality ingredients are just one of the reasons that Hempzilla has the reputation of having the best overall quality products. Experience why people are talking about Hempzilla. Non-Psychoactive / No Marijuana in this Product Grown & processed in the USA under the Colorado Dept of Agriculture program. Recommended Use: Start with one treat a day. Should see results in three to...

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The highly anticipated Mango Tango Zilla Pods ( Juul Compatible ) are now in stock available at Our Colorado-grown hemp is organic, non-GMO, grown in the Colorado sun, soil, Rocky Mt. water, filled with nutrients, and NEVER sprayed with pesticides or chemicals. Our female plants are hand selected and grafted to provide the best full spectrum, phytocannabinoid, flavonoid-rich hemp with extremely high CBD and very low THC, what little THC is left is taken out during the extraction process. The hot summer days and cool Colorado nights enable our hemp plants to achieve optimum flavor and potency.

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